Sophie Jones – Hillside Harvest

Sophie Jones Hillside Harvest

“We live in one of NSW’s most abundant food bowls, so it makes sense on all fronts that our farmers supply locally grown, fresh, nutritious produce to our region’s organisations as well as learning and aged care facilities. I know there’s some logistics to overcome but let’s make it happen! The Farm to Org. project seems like the Central West’s opportunity to create a win/win outcome for us all, if you ask me.”

With a Swiss heritage, Sophie’s seen firsthand the benefits of fresh, healthy, locally grown food when she went to visit her Great Uncle in his Swiss nursing home. Sophie’s Uncle enjoyed all of his meals around a shared dining table with other residents/friends (some even enjoying a glass of wine), Sophie was overwhelmed by the level of respect and joy they all gained from this important ritual they look forward to the most, three times per day, not to mention the physical and mental health benefits, Sophie explains:

“I have seen how aged care facilities work in Europe, where local farmers grow the food that appears on plates at meal times. Surely, to enjoy a delicious, hearty meal in one’s twilight years should be a right, not a privilege.”

Sophie is passionate about seeing a project such as Farm to Org. grow not only in the Central West region but in other regional areas throughout Australia as well. Also a part time practicing school teacher and with young children of her own, Sophie thinks the importance of healthy, fresh, tasty food can especially make a major difference to the young and the elderly but also to us all. Sophie continues:

“Now, more than ever, the importance of enjoying local is paramount to the Australian farmer’s existence. The elderly, the young and the ill … in fact we all deserve healthy, nourishing food that has low food miles and is nutrient rich.

“By educating the youth of today about seasonality and where their food comes from will ensure a future where our farmers feel appreciated and supported even through adversity, such as the long drought many farmers continue to experience in our region.

“Supporting your local producers and what they grow is a trend that will never go out of fashion but only grow with time as people become more educated about where their food comes from. However, from a distribution point of view, we need to make it easier for people and organisations to access locally grown food. This is where I really champion the work of the Farm to Org. project.”


Hillside Harvest

Welcome to Borenore in the Central West region of New South Wales, a place abundant with delicious produce along with friendly people and farmers who are passionate about growing, cooking and enjoying fresh, healthy food.

Sophie Jones from Hillside Harvest and her family, love what they do. Hillside Harvest has something on offer for everyone. A gorgeous little café set right next to their apple and cherry orchards is open 7 days per week, serves up locally ground coffee and freshly baked cakes set amongst a bountiful providore store selling delicious local gourmet goodies and fresh produce, some of it their own.

Depending on what is in season, the 75 acre property proudly yields many varieties of cherries, apples, pears, stone fruit and berries. The farm stall – now shop and cafe – was originally established in the early ‘90s and continues to be a popular destination with locals and visitors alike to purchase or pick their own fresh fruit, vegetables and locally sourced products.

Join Hillside Harvest from November through to April each year for their pick-your-own fruit experience that the whole family can enjoy. Or experience a picnic lunch amongst the trees with one of their local harvest hampers on the weekend.

The Jones family looks forward to welcoming you to Hillside Harvest when you’re next passing through.

Sophie Jones – Co-owner of family business
Hillside Harvest and local school teacher
Borenore, Central West NSW

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