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Launched during Orange’s iconic F.O.O.D Week, the Farm to Organisation Producer Directory gathered more than 40 people to meet local producers, sample their products and learn more about their business in a live Q&A discussion.


The Producer Directory launch marked another important milestone for the Farm to Organisation project.


Seven local producers attended the launch including Chocolate on Purpose, MSM Milling, Tablelands Premier Meats, Small Acres Cyder, The Orange Fermentary, Greentrees Gourmet Preserves and Mr Fig.


The Producer Directory is about supporting better local procurement, and more local produce through more pathways finding its way to local plates in our region.

Meet the Producers

Small Acres Cyder

Since the early 2000s Small Acres Cyder has been delivering craft alcohol free ciders that champion great local produce.


‘Visitors and customers appreciate and want to support local producers and this is why Farm to Organisation is such a worthy project.


Buying local supports local jobs and businesses, our region has such amazing local produce and this directory is another way local organisations and consumers can find fresh, high quality produce.’

Nick Geoghegan, Small Acres Cyder
Fiona Harrison, Chocolate On Purpose
Chocolate On Purpose

Since starting as a hobby a decade ago Chocolate on Purpose has evolved and continues to go from strength to strength.


Chocolate On purpose has used local products and traditional bushfoods as a point of difference in their artisan chocolate making enterprise.


‘After a number of tough years, the support we have seen for local business across the region has been outstanding.  The more we can champion local produce and new pathways to market the better local businesses and our region will be for the longer term.’

Cantrill Organics

Over the last four generations the Cantrill family has been growing world class cherries in the Orange region, with a pivot to organic production over the last decade.


‘We continue to see more awareness and demand for quality food and produce from the Central west.  More customers and businesses are looking to purchase directly from growers and this is what Farm to Organisation is all about.


Buying local puts more money back into the local economy, amplifies the ability of a business to grow quickly while developing relationships with other local businesses who can value add products or access new markets.’


According to owner Luke Cantrill, there is no better way to enjoy our beautiful produce that fresh or in a delicious cherry pie.

Luke Cantrill, Cantrill Organics
Jonathan Yappas, Mr Fig
Mr Fig

Located at Cowra in Central West NSW, Mr Fig’s orchards were established 6 years ago specialising in figs and pomegranates.


‘ As a second generation grower, my vision is to produce the best fruit possible, a consistent product with real flavour.  The Lachlan Valley was chosen for the unique soil type and Mediterranean style climate, which is similar to where the fruit is grown abundantly and helps to achieve my goal.


Our approach is to have healthy soils improved by the use of natural fertilizers, composted manures and inter row cover crops, along with minimal chemical usage. This approach leads to produce that has higher nutrition, is better for our health and our environment.


Our point of difference is our fantastic flavour, better colour, presentation and a greater shelf life than most other growers.  ‘The future for our business and our region is bright and we commend Farm to Organisation and the efforts this project is making to support getting more produce to more plates through more local pathways.’

Tablelands Premier Meats

For the last decade Tablelands Premier Meats has delivered a holistic product to plate experience.  buying local means a lot to owner Stephen Tamplin as it means less food miles, lower costs and important recognition of our fantastic local produce.


‘Farm to Organisation has opened new doors for our business.  This is good for the economy and good for our community.  The team and I look forward to continuing to expand ad grow in the years ahead.’

Stephen Tamplin, Tablelands Premier Meats
Pete and Bob Mac Smith, MSM Milling
MSM Milling

Since farming brothers Bob and Pete Mac Smith founded MSM Milling 30 years ago, their business has grown and prospered as the Central West cemented its position as a region of fine food, fibre and wine.


‘Each year we support more than 1000 local farmers who produce the canola we need to expeller press our auzure oil to take from Manildra to the world.


We have a long history of supporting the local community, keeping money circulating in our local communities and this focus will continue to gain pace into the future.


Food manufacturing has a bright future in the Central West and we look forward to continuing to see auzure and more local produce finding its way intro local organisations in the Central West, Australia and beyond.’

The Orange Fermentary

Since 2017, Bianca Newcombe has being crafting delicious freshly produced fermented drinks and food, made from locally sourced ingredients.


‘I like to know the farmers who I source my raw ingredients from.  This way I can trace how it has been grown and what impact it will have on the quality of the end product.  Food traceability is very important to us.  By purchasing local produce we ensure that the farmers stay viable and we have food security into the future.


We have recently planted out a small orchard on our new property, which will enable us to ensure a supply of organically grown fruit to use in our products.  The future for our business and the region is bright and we welcome the efforts of Farm to Organisation.’

Bianca Newcomber, The Orange Fermentary