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Who we are

A dynamic movement that, through the efforts of education, connection and collaboration plans to build on established food systems.

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Keeping it local

Our aim is to capture more organisational food spend in our region and keep it here, to generate jobs for a stronger local economy.

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Who we are

Farm to Organisation (Farm to Org.) is a newly established, dynamic movement that, through the efforts of education, connection and collaboration plans to build on established food systems in the Central West region of New South Wales, Australia. The movement is an initiative of Regional Development Australia Central West (RDA Central West). RDA Central West  is a locally managed not-for-profit association, part of the national network of 52 RDA Committees funded by the Australian Government.

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Together with regional leaders, the RDA Central West works to specifically drive business growth, new jobs, skills development and business investment across the 11 local government areas of Bathurst, Blayney, Cabonne, Cowra, Forbes, Lachlan, Lithgow, Oberon, Orange, Parkes and Weddin. The Central West region of New South Wales covers an area of 63,000 square kilometers, is home to 180,000 people and is considered one of NSW’s plentiful food produce bowls.

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Our Food Charter

The Regional Food Charter captures the vision,
mission, aims and values of the Farm to Organisation project.

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Keeping it local

This Australia-first project is part of an emerging movement of sustainability in the Central West region supporting not just regional economic development, but also social and environmental development.

We’d all like to buy and consume more locally produced food to directly support our farmers. Apart from local Growers’ Markets and Farm Gates in the region where we’re able to directly trace the provenance of our food — we often don’t know where the food we consume in our local facilities such as hospitals, school canteens, aged care homes, clubs and pubs is sourced from. RDA Central West sees this disconnect between the region’s thriving agricultural industry and locally run organisations, businesses and institutions as a missed opportunity. This is what Farm to Org. is working to improve with the primary objective being to capture more organisational/institutional food spend in the NSW Central West region and keep it here.

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Keeping it sustainable

Growing it here. Purchasing it here. Creating with it, here. Eating and consuming it, here.

The Farm to Org. project is not just about strengthening the regional food economy, but aspires to create a multi-dimensional, sustainable regional food system for our local communities to benefit from.


In 2018, RDA Central West first started to investigate the possibility of creating a sustainable regional network. A  pilot project working name: ‘Farm to Institution’ was created that has now grown to be the ‘Farm to Organisation’ network.  During this initial research stage a thorough research report entitled: ‘Farm to Institution, Central West NSW, Pilot Project Roadmap Report’ was written.


The Roadmap Report documents the initial pilot project’s research, activities, findings and priority actions, providing pathways forward  to benefit the region and for the Farm to Org. movement to gain momentum. This initial research identified the vital future steps for the project, identified under the following three themes:


2. Education,

3.Connection and Collaboration.


Download your own copy of the Farm to Institution Central West NSW Pilot Project Roadmap Report  2018, below.

Farm to Institute Central West NSW Roadmap Report 2018 RDACW


Our Community

Sophie Jones – Hillside Harvest

“We live in one of NSW’s most abundant food bowls, so it makes sense on all fronts that our farmers supply locally g...

Jump on board

If you are a NSW’s Central West farmer, producer, grower, supplier, organisation, business or institution, or an interested local – we’d love to hear from you. Jump on board the Farm to Org. network truck so we can all start educating, connecting and collaborating with our region on this flourishing subject.

Thank you to our Farm to Org. partners and supporters

'Achieving success together.'

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